What to Bring

The following information is provided to address fundamental needs for Willow Tree Residents. Each resident room has limited, but adequate space for storage. Excess clothing, make-up, personal items, etc., are not necessary and should be avoided. Make certain you review all groupings carefully; excess or missing items will impede the recovery process.Pay particular attention to those items highlighted in red.

Required Clothing

April through September

  • Everyday clothing for one week
  • Exercise/Workout clothing
  • Swim Suit (One Piece)
  • Light Jacket & Hiking Boots/Shoes
  • Slippers for indoor wear
  • Bathrobe (No higher than knee length)

October through March

  • Everyday clothing for one week
  • Exercise/Workout clothing
  • Swim Suit (One Piece)
  • Jacket, Hat, Gloves & Boots
  • Slippers for indoor wear
  • Bathrobe (No higher than knee length)

*Revealing or immodest clothing or clothing highlighting gang, violence or drug related reference of any kind is unacceptable. Swim wear must be modest and one piece together with a bathrobe or knee length cover-up. Swim suits are required for the sauna and hot tub.


  • Traditional Toiletry Items
  • Shampoo, Conditioner & Hand/Shower Soap
  • Nothing With Alcohol Content, i.e. Cologne, Perfume, Body Spray, Mouthwash, etc.

Miscellaneous Required at Admission

  • Driver’s License or state issued identification card with a picture (If available)
  • $125.00 to address the cost of an intake History & Physical examination and TB Test (required by the State of Utah).
  • $30-$35 per week for personal incidentals, haircuts, etc.
  • High Efficiency Detergent (Make certain the detergent is identified with a “HE” for “High Efficiency”)
  • Large Bath Towel, Hand Towel & Wash Cloth
  • Debit or Credit Card for the purchase of prescribed medications, incidentals, and emergencies.

Miscellaneous Optional

  • Non communication music devices such as MP3 players, I-Pods, etc., are permitted, but not required. In consideration of other residents and roommates, ear phones are mandatory. Music selection highlighting gang, violence or drug related reference of any kind is unacceptable. Music content may be reviewed for suitability.
  • Stamps & Envelopes

Excluded Items

  • Cell Phones and Personal communication devices (iPads, pagers, etc.)
  • Any substance containing alcohol
  • Hair Dye
  • No products in aerosol containers i.e., Hair Spray
  • Illicit drugs in any form to include any addictive prescription drugs i.e. Opiates, Ambien, etc.
  • Computers
  • Video Games
  • Playing Cards
  • Cameras, Radios/Recording Devices
  • Skate Boards/Inline Skates, etc.
  • CD’s or DVD’s
  • Weapons or anything that could be considered a weapon
  • When I came to Willow Tree my life was totally out of control. I was a broken person. In the course of a few short months I had lost everything; my dignity, self-respect, self-confidence and most of all the respect of my family. To say that Willow Tree changed my life would be a huge understatement. I came here with nothing and left with everything I had lost and more. Willow Tree literally saved my life and gave me the knowledge and skills necessary to master my disease and move forward with sobriety.


  • My experience at Willow Tree was fantastic. My counselor was very sensitive, empathetic and genuinely involved in my recovery. The ropes course, Yoga, and nature therapy were great. Willow Tree has given me the perfect amount of comfort & discomfort to grow as a functioning person with a strong foundation in recovery.


  • When I entered Willow Tree I was confused, afraid and full of anxiety. Within several hours I felt at home. The facility is warm, comfortable and friendly. Within a week or ten days I felt my life was becoming manageable again. The emphasis on diet and exercise helped me regain my physical strength and the group and individual therapy sessions were so meaningful in helping me understand who I am and how to be successful in society without the need for drugs or alcohol.


  • For the first time in a long time I am sober. I was at a point in my life where I never imagined it possible to have several continuous months of sobriety. I have been able to start the healing process with my family and we are making progress. I can have an intelligent conversation and remember what was discussed. I have come to understand the disease of addiction and the need to embrace recovery one day at a time. I am so thankful circumstances brought me to Willow Tree. Every aspect of my individual treatment plan fit my needs exactly. My sincere thanks to everyone who helped me find my way back to a life I had lost and never thought I could regain again.